Cuttlebug V2 Machine Review

Cuttlebug V2 Machine Review

If you’ve read other Cuttlebug V2 reviews and still aren’t sure if it’s the right die cutter for you, this review will enlighten you as to the pros and cons of the Cuttlebug V2 machine in action so you can make a much more informed decision.

As crafters we are always wanting to add to our stash, and I’ll bet nothing gets your heart beating faster than the prospect of purchasing a new crafting gadget. The Cuttlebug V2 is just about the only die cutter out there that gets consistent 5 star reviews so of course we have to take notice.


What’s the Cuttlebug V2 Machine Good At?

Cuttlebug V2 Machine

The Cuttlebug V2 machine is so easy to carry

Well the Cuttlebug machine has been a mainstay in the crafting arena for an awfully long time, so you can definitely buy with confidence. While there was little to complain about with the original Cuttlebug, with the Cuttlebug V2 there are certainly improvements that will make your die cutting and crafting in general much more creative and definitely easier.

The Cuttlebug V2 is infinitely better than any other die cutting machine on the market at being portable as well as reliable. You just don’t have to compromise; it’s a neat little die cutter that you can easily carry along to scrapbook crops but that also delivers on performance too. It’s the best die cutter for crops, crafting retreats, scrapbook meets, and craft take away days out there.

The turning handle can also be easily stowed away, which is an improvement over the original design – giving you more crafting space and making it even easier to carry (or take up less room in your crafting tote).

Of course something the Cuttlebug has over the Cricut Expression machines (as well as being a whole heap cheaper) is that you are also getting an embossing machine for your money as well as a die cutter. Embossing really can transform your cards and scrapbook pages with a great texture and depth that looks so professional.

Another advantage for me is that the Cuttlebug is so simple in its operation that even kids can use it safely and with confidence — you may see this as a downside though if it means your kids start using it when you want to!


What’s the Cuttlebug V2 Not So Good At?Cuttlebug Zoo Animals Die Cuts

Well the Cuttlebug machine V2 is a solid little performer at what it does, but of course with a unit of this size there are limitations.

You can’t cut or emboss large pieces of paper or card, so in some scrapbooking situations it’s just not going to be your best option.

You are of course reliant on purchasing a good number of dies in order to get a huge number of results; you obviously pay more for electronic die cutters initially but you get a greater range of designs for less money in the long run. The Cuttlebug option does mean though that you pay much less initially and then have time to update your library of dies as and when you have the funds to do so, which suits most of us better anyway.


Cuttlebug Machine Dies

The dies for the Cuttlebug V2 are the same ones that work in the original Cuttlebug so you don’t have to worry about any of your dies going to waste. Most other popular branded dies (such as Sizzix and QuicKutz) will work in the V2 as well; although you do need to purchase an inexpensive adapter in order for this to work.

With many of the Cuttlebug dies you also get to buy them in sets which is a great money saver so a library of dies really doesn’t cost that much in total.

Cuttlebug Machine Best Price

If you’re looking to buy a die cutting machine without spending a lot then there’s no doubt that the Cuttlebug V2 machine is your best option by far. The best price for a Cuttlebug Machine V2 that I’ve found is from Amazon for only $51.55 - this is heavily discounted as the recommended price is $89.99 so I wouldn’t hesitate to snap one up at just over 50 dollars.

(If you are shopping from outside of the US then click this link and it will take you to your country’s Cuttlebug V2 Amazon page so you can check out the discounts offered there.)

So that rounds out our Cuttlebug V2 review – was there anything else you needed to know? Please drop us a comment below.